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About Rental Review

What is Rental Review

Rental Review is a growing platform for Australia's renters, aiming to empower them with information and unite them as a community.

Reviewers can:

  • Share their experiences about properties they have lived in.
  • Give feedback on agents or private landlords
  • Ask previous tenants what it was really like to live there!

By doing so, they can empower other renters with information they would usually not have access to within limited inspection times. It is a cycle of collaboration. We also want renters to be able to make more informed decisions by providing them with the latest news from the rental market and first-hand house inspection blogs and expert advise.

Why Rental Review?

Close to one-third of us are renters, so signing up 12 months of our lives and investing on average almost $15,000 per annum is a big deal.

And yet, we are expected to base our decision to invest our time and hard earned money on a 15 minute inspection between the times of 11.15 - 11.30am on one Saturday morning. Well, what's it like to live there the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of each day?

The internet has provided an explosion of feedback on just about any product you can name but so far, when looking for rental accommodation we have to work hard to find out anything about properties and the surrounding area. Even short term holiday accommodation is reviewed!