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Getting Started with Rental Review.

Rental Review is an open review website where past tenants can share their experiences so that future tenants have the 'inside word' on what was great and what was not so great when they are looking for their next home.

Writing a Rental Property Review

If you want to write a review, simply start searching for the address in the search box above, google should take care of the rest and find the exact address for you. Once you have found the address you want you will be taken to the property page where you can write a review. For more information check out here.

Finding a Rental Property Review

If you are looking to see what others have written about a rental property you are thinking of renting all you have to do is type the address in (again google's magic should find your place). Hopefully someone has been able to write a review and you can find out what its really like to live there. Want to know more? This should help.

If we haven't answered your question(s), please send us a line at We will be sure to get back to you asap