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Why write a review on Rental Review?

We want you to give the real story behind your rental experience, providing honest information to your fellow renters. So, in return we are offering you the chance to win cool stuff including iPad Minis. You have the opportunity to win everytime you write a review. For more information see Win Free Stuff competition page

What you also get out of it is the 'pay-it-forward', feel good factor. By writing a review you have provided other prospective tenants, information which could help them decide whether your old place is a good fit for them. Just think what you could have done with that information!

A young family would love to have known that the park around the corner has a free play group service every second Tuesday. That same family would also be interested in any noise issues eg, local entertainment places or traffic.

However, Pete and Phil, two young IT grads new to Sydney would love to know that the street is quite social as they would like to meet new people. They could make some good mates to kick the footy with.

We also give you an opportunity to review important features of a rental property, its heating efficiency, electricity costs, mobile phone reception (I know, right!!), gas costs, the local area and street, security, ADSL connectivity, the real estate agent and so much more.

The information you provide can help prospective renters determine if they are going to be happy in their new home. Because lets face it, everyone wins if a tenant loves where they live - many years of trouble free renting!

One more thing, we ensure that identifiable information such as your name and when you lived there is never, EVER made available to anyone. It is only used within the database to determine if your review is unique and not a duplicate or fraudulent.

So lets get started, just start typing your address into the search box below and fill out the easy to follow review. All we ask is that you do it truthfully and respectfully, ensure that it is balanced ie, there may have been some bad bits but dont fail to mention the excellent cafe up the road or the brand new hot water system. And lastly, remember, "No Bullying, No Fibs, No Worries".